Yes, you can have a good death

I created Wellbeing With Wendy several years ago, with the intention of helping people to find balance in life. Over that time, my direction has turned particularly towards educating people in the holistic care of those who are dying. My goal is to help people everywhere to attain, or help others attain, a good death. At the end of the day, a good death helps everyone – the person who’s dying, the people who love them and the people who care for them (who may be the same people…)

My TLC (Tender Loving Care) one day workshop has proved life-changing for many attendees. The course was originally designed for those whose job involves caring for people who are dying, for example carers in hospices or care homes. I have subsequently run courses for complimentary therapists and also the general public – the information is relevant to anyone, from any walk of life. I would love to see this training incorporated into medical and nursing training too…I’m working on that one!

Each of us will one day face our own death, as well as, most likely, that of someone we love along the way. We aren’t taught how, and fear often paralyses people in these challenging circumstances. Death is no longer familiar in the home, and often occurs behind hospital or hospice doors. Statistically, according to Dying Matters, ( “There is a major mismatch between people’s preferences for where they would like to die and their actual place of death. Our research shows that around 70% of people would prefer to die at home, yet around 50% currently die in hospital.” TLC gives you simple skills and information to support someone at the end of life, and can also help prepare you for your own death.

Talking about death and dying does not seem to come easily to us. And yet, it is the one guaranteed event of our lives! TLC workshops offer students the chance to explore their own feelings and share experiences in a safe and confidential environment. TLC is a practical course where you will learn hands-on techniques such as gentle touch massage and how to really listen to someone. Dying isn’t complicated – our bodies know how to do it, but we have become disconnected from natural living and dying. TLC aims to help you support a loved one or a person in your care, by tapping into your innate knowledge of ancient wisdom – ideas that may have become swamped and even buried by modern living.

TLC is an innovative programme, and there are very few trainers available in the country, so yes, I believe you’re lucky to have found your way to this truly heart-based, holistic training. Trainers originally complete the Soul Midwife training at the Soul Midwives’ School in Dorset, followed by the TLC Trainers certificate. I am based in Hertfordshire, and can travel to your teaching venue for groups up to eight people. Alternatively, I can run groups for up to five people in Tring. Please contact me to book a workshop.

Next week, I’m going to write about a passion of mine…reclaiming the power of touch.

For now, thanks for joining me. Please feel free to comment below, or contact me direct.

Wendy x







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