Winter blessings

I love this time of year, watching Nature put herself to bed for a long, well-earned rest. Trees gently drop their leaves, forming a blanket of nutrients on the ground below. Squirrels scurry around busily, gathering and storing nuts to keep them going through the less abundant Winter, before curling up in their nests. Plants die back, having dropped their seeds into the damp earth, ready to sprout new life next year. There’s often a stillness in the air that invites us to pause and breathe.

We can take our cues from Nature… now’s the time to rest consciously, replenishing ourselves after months of activity, gathering in our “harvest.” It’s a great time for allowing dreams and plans to percolate and slowly unfold, ready to emerge in the Spring, just like the bulbs which are already cheekily sprouting in my garden pots! Of course in our culture, this is potentially one of the busiest times of the year, which is greeted with every emotion from sheer joy to utter despair, depending on individual circumstances. Even a few minutes a day, pausing to reflect on what we’re grateful for and sending our love and compassion wherever it’s needed in the world can feel restorative.

As we approach Winter Solstice, I wish you a joyous festive season with plenty of special moments, and hopefully a good rest! ♥

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