TLC Training: practical, holistic support at the end of life


Workshop 10.30am-4pm

For professionals working to support patients at the end of life – deepen your knowledge of death and dying, share your own experiences, learn from each other and revisit the ancient wisdom within you to add an extra layer of care to the wonderful work you already do.

TLC stands for Tender Loving Care. TLC is a one-day workshop designed to help working professionals to explore death and dying in a safe, confidential environment. This gentle day will help remind you of innate skills that you can use when you are caring for a person who is dying – small things making a big difference. It also describes the normal dying process from a holistic perspective, offering us a framework to understand what may be happening when we witness it. I’ve noticed that being able to describe the normal dying process to families can really help them cope with what’s happening and to advocate for loved ones who may be at their most vulnerable.  I find doctors welcome open conversations – it can actually make their jobs easier – but sometimes families need to be the ones to start them. TLC works effectively alongside clinical excellence – there is no conflict with medical intervention.

The workshop is equally appropriate for people who work in the field of palliative care, for complimentary therapists, and for anyone whose work may encounter those who are dying and who wishes to consider holistic ideas to support them.

The day takes place from 10.30am to 4pm, and the format is presentation, discussion and practical exercises within a small group – audience interaction and participation is actively encouraged! It offers space for people to talk about personal experiences if they wish, to discover more about their own attitudes to death and dying, and to help remove the “deathly silence” that we have placed culturally around the subject of dying.

TLC offers practical skills derived from ancient wisdom in an easily accessible and practical way – extra tools in your caring “toolbox” if you will. The workshop gives you time and space to be curious about death on a personal level as well as professionally – there is no escaping our physical demise, however much we may hope it won’t happen to us, our patients or our loved ones. Digging deep to re-find these ancient, common sense skills empowers us to help others (and potentially ourselves) to have the death that feels best – ie a “good” death.

The workshop is 4.5 CPD hours.

Sessions can be arranged remotely if necessary.


“Captivating skills, all invaluable. Thank you.” HB Mar 2020

“If there was a way you could introduce this as a day for first year (nursing) students at uni, I think it would be massively beneficial” DR Sept 2019

“An enlightening day course.” BH Apr 2019

“Well-organised, good content and professional.” GS Apr 2019

“The TLC sessions provided by our soul midwife have been invaluable in supporting our staff to think more broadly about what is important at the end of someone’s life. It has helped to encourage the more traditional view of using medicine to cope at end of life and our ethos is certainly more non medicinal following our TLC sessions. I feel that our staff feel more confident when supporting someone at the end of their life as the approach is less clinical and more individualised. The staff have all thoroughly enjoyed the TLC sessions and we look forward to extending our partnership with the soul midwifery group in the future.” MR Mar 2018

“A thought provoking, insightful and loving day. Great to be able to talk openly about a subject that we rarely talk about and often avoid thinking about.  It made me realise how very simple things can make such a difference to the dying person and their families, alongside the awareness that ‘presence’ not presents is worth so much more than flowers and cards. I think the training could be helpful for everyone either to support their own friends and families or if working in a Hospice/hospital type environment. I felt that Wendy had just the right balance of delivering the training in a loving and respectful way without it being overly morbid whilst being mindful of how people were feeling. I thoroughly recommend her TLC training.” DD Apr 2016

Wendy makes a sensitive subject comfortable to discuss and easy to absorb. If we could all have this training, the end of life for any of us would be something to approach with much less fear. DF Apr 2016

It was a very special day… I think it’s nice that you offer to talk to people afterwards, offering support and just “listening”…I feel I have achieved some healing because of your presentation… I can’t fault the content, length of sessions and amount of presentation versus participation – I thought it was all wonderful and that every single person would benefit from the knowledge. EW Apr 2016