The Lost Art of Simple Dying

Last weekend I was delighted to welcome a small group of people to my home for a workshop exploring death and dying, how to prepare for our own death by considering what’s important to us and writing it down, and how to support other people towards the end of life.

What a heart-opening day ❤️. As we progressed through the various sessions, people generously shared their stories and experiences, each insight adding to learning for all of us. There were tears, there was laughter, and the feedback included most of all the word “empowerment.”

This is my hope from these workshops. I want to help people find their own innate wisdom and trust their intuition, to encourage them to express what’s important to them and to show them how to advocate for others when necessary – we are often our own loved ones’ best “experts“…

The next workshop will be held here in Wolvercote on Monday June 13 from 10.30 till approx 4pm. Each one is unique as every group bring their own stories if they wish. The workshop is not reliant on that however, so it doesn’t matter if people aren’t in sharing mode! I haven’t experienced that so far though… it seems there is an ever-growing need for people to have conversations about their own mortality.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further information.

2 Responses to “The Lost Art of Simple Dying”

  • Sally

    I loved being part of this Wendy, and feel very privileged to have attended the workshop. It was indeed very empowering but also very thought provoking. You gave us lots to think about but most importantly, reminded us how to tap into that innate wisdom we all have. Thanks again for a fantastic experience!

    • Wendy

      It was such a pleasure to have you there, Sally, and many thanks for your lovely comments. I’m so glad you gained more confidence to access your own wisdom by coming along to join us ?


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