Ruminations on mask wearing

We’ve now been living with the response to Covid-19 for the last three and a half months. We’ve been subjected to isolation, fear, shame and economic disaster. Coronavirus has been portrayed as a vicious enemy that is out to destroy humanity. As if we’re not doing that to ourselves anyway! In fact viruses were here way before us, and 50% of the mammalian genome has been built by virus insertion – an “upgrade” if you like.

I’ve said for a while that the Earth will kick us off if we don’t start to mend our ways, and it feels as if that’s what’s happening. I don’t think we’re beyond hope, but we do need to wake up. Until we acknowledge that we are part of Nature, and that we are leading spiritually empty lives, we risk our very existence. The “Corona-pause” gave us a wonderful break from our everyday routines and ways of being to contemplate how we might be different. And what have we done collectively with that pause? There are undoubtedly pockets of people, myself included, who are ardently campaigning for change, trying unceasingly to get the Government to prioritise the planet over the economy for example, and to fight for social justice, but it seems to me that the vast majority just want to “get back to normal.”

So in order to really consider the mask issue, let’s imagine just for one minute that the planetary crisis that is looming has been “fixed” so we can remove that from the picture (because that problem is way bigger than any virus…), but that the fear around Coronavirus still persists. How do we view the future? Although we are slowly being encouraged out of our “safe houses” where we have closeted ourselves for months, it seems that the fear persists, and the perception is that the virus is still “out there” and waiting to get us. So what do the politicians and scientists dream up to help get business going again in the wake of so much fear? Oh, they say you will be safe if you wear a mask…

I do not want to wear a mask.

First of all I am not afraid of the virus. I refuse to live my life as a helpless victim. I take responsibility for my own health. The choices I make, and the resulting consequences, are my responsibility. I do not feel threatened by the proximity of others, nor do I fear being out and about. I am positively enjoying getting together with anyone who wants to meet – there is basically no risk outside anyway, even if you only look at the science. (The holistic approach of looking at the “host” implies there’s no risk indoors either – it’s what’s going on in your own soul…it’s either open for the virus or it’s not. Sadly many of our hosts have also been damaged by medical intervention, or “pharmaceuticalising” – but that’s a whole other story… Holism also acknowledges certain “death” of the body at some point, a subject which seems to trouble the modern world…)

Secondly, from what I have researched, there is no advantage whatsoever to anybody from mask-wearing! Viruses travel freely across the planet, and can jump onto dust particles or carbon molecules in order to spread – human droplet infection is simply another method of transfer. And masks don’t work! It’s already been presented that there is little protection for yourself (in fact I believe commercial masks have a disclaimer saying they won’t protect you from Covid-19!) but the suggestion is that it’s “good manners” (thank you Michael Gove) to wear one to help prevent spreading your potential infection to others. A study referred to by Zach Bush MD (in an excellent video you can see by clicking here, around the 29 minute mark, though I recommend watching the whole video) showed that in people confirmed to be infected with Covid-19, who wore the “gold standard” N95 masks, NO VIRUS AT ALL was detected on the inside of the mask (because every virus particle had passed straight through it!) and yet the outside of the mask was coated with clumps of virus. Therefore, every time the mask was touched, large amounts of virus transferred to the fingers. Every time the person breathed out forcefully, the virus was blown off the mask, and when a mask was taken off and left on a table, great pools of virus stayed on the table!

Thirdly, what are we all hiding from? Do you really want to wear a mask? I don’t, and yet there’s no doubt that there is a social pressure to do so, and it may even become mandatory. I can be considered irresponsible and selfish for “putting someone else at risk.” This is all back-to-front. Sure, if I have an obvious infection I won’t go and breathe over anyone on purpose, but can we really all live assuming that we are infected asymptomatically, and behave as if we’re a constant threat to others? It’s barking mad. The effects on mental health and society, to say nothing of people’s livelihoods, is incalculable. It’s also completely unrealistic to expect this.

Fourthly, wearing a mask is unpleasant – glasses steam up, skin breaks out, it’s hot, it’s hard to breathe. There are conflicting reports about whether or not re-breathing your own CO2 and growth of bacteria on warm, damp masks are potentially harmful, but I don’t want to be a test pilot for that thanks. I strongly defend my right to remain mask-free. I have no desire to tell anyone else what to do, and if wearing a mask feels good for you, then be my guest. I also won’t stand close to you if you feel threatened. I will respect your views, and I hope you will respect mine. We all have to find our own way through these strange, ever-changing times.

There are going to be occasions when I simply have to wear a mask – at the dentist recently for example, I wouldn’t have been seen without putting one on when I arrived (though of course I had to remove it for the dentist to see my teeth!) And it’s mandatory at the hairdresser later this week – I guess I’ll suffer for the sake of vanity then…! But I already currently choose not to travel by public transport, and I will avoid places like shops, restaurants and pubs if I’m forced to mask myself. When essential, perhaps I will customise my own mask with my own message; “This mask is not protecting me or you.”

The Government and media have done a terrific job of terrifying the population, and the only part of the economy which is thriving at the moment is the production of anything that can be considered “anti-Covid”, whether that be vaccinations, signage, anti-bac, masks, whatever. Crazy world. Why are we all so compliant? Control by Fear ? (“Here’s a terrible virus which will kill you.” Disagree.) Control by Shame? (“It’s your responsibility to keep everyone else safe.” Disagree.) The lack of desire to question? Maybe that’s the biggest threat of all…

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  • Diana Arthur

    I wholeheartedly agree with you and it is so fantastic to find another who has the same views. Thank you 🙏🏻


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