An Introduction to Soul Midwifery

This weekend I was delighted to facilitate a Soul Midwife Intro Day in Hertfordshire. The one day workshop offers participants the chance to find out more about the craft of Soul Midwifery. Throughout the day we explore death and dying in a safe and confidential environment, where people are invited to share their experiences. I Continue reading »

Treasure in the Hedgerows

Over the last few weeks the combination of a wet Spring, sizzlingly hot Summer and some late summer rain seem to have resulted in bumper crops in the hedgerows. I’ve picked kilos of apples, blackberries, damsons and rosehips, and spent hours patiently creating jams, jellies, compote, crumbles and cordials. As I’ve picked damson stones out Continue reading »

Ancient wisdom in modern times… a must

Back in June I had the deep privilege and joy of attending “Greece Comes to Shropshire” – an inspiring weekend of traditional Greek and Balkan dance, led by world-renowned teacher, Laura Shannon. It’s impossible to describe adequately how immersing myself in ancient dance (originating 14,000 years ago) in a room full of strangers, who over Continue reading »

A Question of Balance

When I first set up Wellbeing With Wendy, I felt that the skills I offer could help you to find some balance. For example, a calming and relaxing Indian Head Massage could give you a short respite from an otherwise hectic schedule. Or finding time to include massaging your baby could lead to improved communication Continue reading »

Reclaiming the power of touch…safely

Touch is a fundamental human need. Healthy touch in babyhood helps brain development throughout infancy and beyond. Healthy touch is calming, loving and pampering. Healthy touch at the end of life helps reassure someone that they are not alone, and can help relieve anxiety and agitation. The key with touch is to make sure it Continue reading »

Yes, you can have a good death

I created Wellbeing With Wendy several years ago, with the intention of helping people to find balance in life. Over that time, my direction has turned particularly towards educating people in the holistic care of those who are dying. My goal is to help people everywhere to attain, or help others attain, a good death. Continue reading »