Ancient wisdom in modern times… a must

Back in June I had the deep privilege and joy of attending “Greece Comes to Shropshire” – an inspiring weekend of traditional Greek and Balkan dance, led by world-renowned teacher, Laura Shannon. It’s impossible to describe adequately how immersing myself in ancient dance (originating 14,000 years ago) in a room full of strangers, who over the weekend became soul family, touched a part of me that knows how much we need to find again the ancient wisdom that lies within us all.

There’s no doubt in my mind that mankind has got in a terrible pickle… Hopefully we, the inhabitants of Planet Earth, will collectively wake up enough to survive as a species, but the question is how can we ensure it?

Humans have evolved and progressed since their creation. Moving forward is what we do, but it seems to me that somewhere along the line, in the name of progress, we are overlooking, dismissing and losing wisdom that comes from ancient times.

It’s tempting to blame technological and other advances for the evils of our time. However, I believe our roots in traditions and wisdom and learning, and the significance of the oneness of community, cannot simply be abandoned if we are to survive.

And, therefore, may I suggest this? Start from today to share your wisdom, your family learning, your traditions. Write them down, share them with your children and grandchildren, teach classes in your community, write books, hold sharing mornings with your friends. Let’s grasp our heritage before it’s too late. Let’s bask in the simplicity, the joy, the wisdom, the stories, the culture, the skills of our ancestors and cherish them all. Let’s acknowledge the wonders of technology by all means, but let’s never lose our ancient wisdom. There was never a better time to embrace it.

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