I’m Wendy and it’s a pleasure to meet you on my website.

I don’t think I ever had a career plan as such! I became a registered nurse in the late 70s, always loving my interactions with the patients. One day, while in the newly-opened Body Shop in Covent Garden, I stumbled across a book on Reflexology, and was forever changed in my attitude to health and wellbeing. Since then I have maintained the belief that we are holistic beings, and it’s no good trying to compartmentalise parts of the body, and separating out mind, body and spirit. I took a course in Swedish Massage, and later Indian Head Massage – it was the latter that really resonated as it incorporates a deep understanding and respect of a person as a whole.

I became a mum and shortly after the birth of my second child spent time in America with my family. During this time all my qualifications lapsed, and on my return to the UK in 2000, I had a blank canvas for “what’s next?” I still needed to be available before and after school, so I decided to enrol on a Foundation in Art & Design at college. The next two years were an absolute joy as I found a creative streak I never knew I had. At the end of the course I knew I didn’t want to continue with my studies and was drawn to starting a new career. A lifelong love of theatre, along with my new-found creativity, led to me opening a children’s theatre school. This was a truly fulfilling 14-year episode of my life. Both my children attended, and as grown-ups still feel they benefitted enormously from the skills they learned there. It was wonderful to see how our classes gave confidence and self-esteem to so many children and young people – I know we made a difference.

I had returned to college, and gained studies up to Level 3 in Counselling, which resulted in much self-exploration too. One day, while on the Hay House website, healyourlife.com, I came across an article by Felicity Warner about gentle dying. It was a real “lightbulb” moment. I signed up for the Intro Day immediately, and a month later trained as a Soul Midwife. The knowledge I’ve gained has been invaluable in helping friends and family through difficult times, and it’s incredible how little nuggets of ancient wisdom get into conversations over coffee and then used months later when someone is dying. The TLC programme grew out of Soul Midwifery, and I have been instrumental in creating the course materials that exist today. I’ve taught around 200 people through TLCs and Soul Midwife Intro days and know that the ancient wisdom really helps us access our own inner knowing, giving us a calm confidence around those who are dying.

My most recent training came out of becoming a grandmother. I decided to train in Infant Massage so that I would be able to teach my daughter how to massage her baby. There was something magically “full circle” about engaging with newborns and people at the end of life – there are indeed many crossovers, perhaps most of all the importance of touch. I’m not currently holding regular classes but am open to setting them up in future if a group of new mums approach me to teach them.

I spend a lot of time outdoors, walking with my husband to be (Coronavirus permitting.) We spend hours wandering through woods and meadows, and along the river or canal, in all weathers! We also (used to) like going to the theatre and cinema, to galleries and museums, and enjoy inspiring talks. I practice yoga and meditation too, which all combine to help lead a balanced life. I am grateful every day.

I have gained so much on a personal level by learning new skills, especially those that also have the potential to benefit others. I have been deeply moved by the ethos of the professional bodies, and the love and care warmly given to me by my teachers along the way; Narendra Mehta at the London College of Indian Head Massage, Felicity Warner the founder of the Soul Midwives’ School and Sylvie Hétu my Instructor Trainer with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).