A Question of Balance

When I first set up Wellbeing With Wendy, I felt that the skills I offer could help you to find some balance. For example, a calming and relaxing Indian Head Massage could give you a short respite from an otherwise hectic schedule. Or finding time to include massaging your baby could lead to improved communication between you. Or learning about the dying process could perhaps help alleviate fear or helplessness around this virtually taboo subject. All of which remain possible!

This week I went to the Green Gathering – a beautiful, grounding festival, where the focus is truly on treating the earth gently, with the opportunity to look at ecological and political issues, to learn more about yourself, and to embrace Nature while living in a field for four days. And yes, there are challenges to our generally sanitised way of living, but somehow it feels really worth it for the full experience. My goodness, how I appreciated a warm shower and flushing loo when I got home!

But I digress. One of the talks I went to was by astrologer John Wadsworth, whose recent book Your Zodiac Soul offers the suggestion that the signs of the zodiac are a key to recognising the journey each of us makes, here on Earth, and in the afterlife, based on 2000 years of astrology. This may not resonate with everyone, but something I heard resonated with me. He was talking about the sign of Libra, which is traditionally associated with balance, and pictured as the scales. He commented that it is frequently suggested that we try to find balance in our lives, and he wondered whether a more useful practice might be to ensure we have a strong fulcrum, able to withstand the normal ups and downs of life. After all, as the Buddha teaches, nothing stays the same, everything changes. Sometimes we want things to change, and often we don’t – but they always do! Ups and downs in life are the norm. And weathering these changes is why it helps to be strong. (But please note that strong does not always mean stoic…it can often be the opposite!) As Epictetus said some 2000 years ago, “It’s not what happens to you, but how you react that matters.”

So although my website suggests I may be able to help you find balance in life, perhaps what I’m really saying is that by strengthening your own “fulcrum,” or inner self perhaps, you may be better equipped to cope with the waves of change that will surely occur. You will have to find your own meaning and method for this, which may be through more self-examination, more self-acceptance, less judgement of others, feeling grateful, embracing “what is” and riding the storm, being present, meditation, or potentially a host of other methods. And if you feel drawn to experience any of my services in the process please don’t hesitate to contact me. Happy travels on your journey 🙂

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