A heartfelt letter sent to the Prime Minister today…

Dear Mr Johnson

You have recently faced death, and yet survived. I’m so glad you did, and I’m sure it has changed your perspective on life.

The human population is also facing death, not by Coronavirus, but through our own folly and destruction of our habitat.

Coronavirus has brought us a pause, a time to reset.

The damage to people through the Government response to Coronavirus, filling them with fear, locking them down, controlling them by shame, killing their small businesses, to say nothing of depriving them of touch (in my view the loss of a human right), is incalculable.

The only possible positive to come from this disproportionate response is that the world must go forward in a different way. The destructive carbon-emitting practices pre-Coronavirus can never be allowed to return. For example, flying must be permanently reduced (and airlines certainly not subsidised), fracking and all other fossil fuels must be banned, our expectations to have food and fashion from across the world must change. We must see ourselves as a great whole, where such inequalities as child poverty no longer exist, and there is a levelling of humanity.

This pandemic has shown us how weak we have become – overly reliant on others for everything: our health, our food, our convenience. We need to return to a more spiritual, holistic way of being, accepting the reality of death being the only sure part of life, but while we are in our magnificent bodies, to tread gently on the Earth.

I urge you to use your intuition, newly awakened by both a brush with death and the arrival of your baby son, to lead our world to a new beginning. If anyone can do it, it’s you.

With warm wishes


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