Brave new world…?

We’ve been in lockdown for 7 weeks and are due an update today.

Realities of my lockdown:

7 weeks without hugging my beautiful grandson or my children
7 weeks without visiting my 90-year-old mother
7 weeks without laughing in the same room as my sister, my stepmum, my friends
7 weeks of being shunned by strangers in the name of safety
7 weeks of Government Control by Fear and Control by Shame
7 weeks where I’ve learned to Zoom
7 weeks where I’ve had time to grow veg
7 weeks with vastly reduced aeroplane and traffic noise
7 weeks of daily walks or bike rides
7 weeks of contemplation
7 weeks of inward battles, adversity, learning and progression

I wonder what the next Government briefing will dictate…these are my hopes…

I hope that this “Corona-pause” gives enough of us time to re-evaluate our role as humans on the planet – to acknowledge that we are part of the ecosystem, and that all the other parts matter to sustain our own survival. Without this understanding, that we are but microscopic cogs in the wheel, we will orchestrate our own destruction. We are almost certainly already on that path…

There are so many things to change – but most of all perhaps is the need for us to recognise a higher power than humans. With the advent of the sense of Spirit, the ego takes a back seat, allowing the important things to come to the surface. Our needs are relatively few – clean water, food, shelter, love and a sense of purpose and meaning. How amazing if we could all experience this epiphany, leading to working together for the common good of peoples and biodiversity, and embracing the beauty of the world to be enjoyed by all species.

Why are people so fearful of Coronavirus? Control by fear? It has been presented to us as the evil of all evils, an enemy that is out to destroy us, a battle to be fought, and eventually won with vaccination. Not only is a safe and effective vaccination a highly unlikely scenario (there’s still no vaccine for the common cold…) a better way would surely be to ensure that our “host” is not susceptible to viruses. In holistic practice, a healthy host is paramount, in body, mind and spirit. It leaves less room for dis-ease. But ultimately, we inhabit physical, mortal bodies, and one day each of us will die. Who is to say when it is our time? A life well led is arguably one where death is expected and prepared for throughout life. Once the practicalities are considered, you can get on with the joy of being alive.

Life is for living; it is not being locked behind closed doors trying to avoid a virus. We must strengthen our immune systems, eat healthily, exercise, be grateful for every small thing that sustains us and brings us joy – and what challenges us and makes us grow – live authentically from the heart, embrace our oneness and most of all be fearless. Fear will cripple your immune system. Fear is a mindset. Your brain cannot distinguish between fearful thoughts and reality, so if you think yourself into panic, that will happen in your body, making you more susceptible to ill health. Fear disempowers you!

I hope we can learn the lessons this virus is sending us. I’m sure that we have to learn to live WITH it, and to respect all species on the planet, including bacteria and viruses, helping every one of them to thrive. The survival of humanity depends upon it. Sure, some people will die now, and my heart goes out to them and their loved ones, but that is what it is to be human – we live, and one day we die. We cannot live forever, even though that seems sometimes to be the crazy goal of the paradigm in which we live, the value of longevity over quality of life. I really understand how difficult the concept of death and dying is to many of us, and some will continue to deny the possibility until their dying day. I pass no judgement on that. I just know that in my experience, being able to have a plan of sorts gives me reassurance that if I’m ever in a position where someone needs to make a decision on my behalf, they will know exactly what I want, because I’ve talked extensively with them.

Over the last few weeks we have seen how Nature has thrived as our human footprint has lessened. I pray that as Governments begin to lift restrictions, they also begin to implement plans for encouraging, even requiring, us to lead lives that do not continue to destroy the planet. We need strong, healthy leadership, and we will need to make changes that right now may seem impossible. But in the words of ancient wisdom, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” Can we be brave enough to realize that will?

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